Kid's with "Kids" Craft and Goat Yoga

Kid's with "Kids" Craft and Goat Yoga


July 10, 7:00-8:30

“Kids” Family Farm Yoga

“Looking for a good way to bond with your family?

Bring your nest and join us at Family Farm Yoga, led by Liz From Mindful Yoga!

Farm animal yoga at Noble Farm is not just exercise, it's an event. Come enjoy a craft here on our farm, bond together as a family unit during yoga, and get to know our animals!

PLUS- part of the proceeds will be donated to benefit Sparrow’s Nest

Nests are 1-4 family members.

Kids qualify up until the age of 14.

We’re not “kidding” around!”

***$45.00 flat rate for one to four people.***

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